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About Us

We are an Ad Network based in Portugal

Hang My Ads is a mobile ad network with worldwide traffic 100% focused on App promotion. We help App Developers and Advertisers acquire new users at scale and target their brand to the right audiences on iOS and Android platforms. We reach over 70 million unique users each month across a multitude of premium apps and websites around the world. To our publishers we have available an in-house tracking solution and easy ways to integrate like our ad tags, our offer wall or our real time API. Featured consecutively in AppsFlyer North America/Non Gaming power ranking and Growth index, Hang My Ads is looking to increase it's mark on the apps world!

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We love apps and we love to promote them.

Our mission is to help our advertisers target, acquire and engage users across the mobile world, through a wide variety of traffic sources including our direct sources, media buying and affiliation. While doing this our goal is to provide our partners with the best offers available to monetize their traffic with the highest profit. We have a technological focus in order to build solutions to better serve app developers on every stage, whether they are launching it, making it grow, looking to engage their users or just monetize non-paying users by serving our ads.

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User Acquisition

High LTV users is the key to app profitability

If you’re an app developer or agency looking for a vast direct mobile inventory, we are sure we can help you. By reaching to over 200M mobile users each month, we can help you reach your goals whether you are looking for high ROI installs or simply boost your App Store visibility. With access to our DSP, you can promote through thousands of apps and direct publishers and target your ads to the right audiences. Then it's up to us to make sure your KPIs are met, both in scale and quality because we have shown you don't have to compromise one to get the other. Hang My Ads has been steadily growing its reach and it was with great pride that it has been ranked #1 for Western Europe and #9 World Wide in the Appsflyer Growth Index of the 2nd half of 2018.

In what stage of your mobile app business are you?

  • App Launch

    Visibility in the App Store is a great way to get more organic downloads and due to the lower cost per install, it can often give you a better ROI than any other user acquisition model.

  • Grow User Base

    Having a big number of users is good but the key to a successful and profitable app business is acquiring high LTV and high-quality users. With accurate targeting algorithms, we allow our partners to connect with relevant, segmented audiences around the world. With our help and the right optimization it's possible to not just grow your user base but also grow your income. In the end your ROI is our focus.

  • Engage and Retain

    So you are in the user's smartphone but now you need them to come back to your app on regular basis. Your goal is to retain them and more importantly increase their value over time and we have personalized channels to re-engage absent users or turn existing users into spenders.

Our Service

We offer

Solutions for every step of the way
  • Specific Targeting Solutions

  • GeoLocation
  • DeviceType
  • DeviceBrand
  • DeviceModel
  • Browser
  • OS & OS Version
  • In-App Events History
  • Flexible Pricing Models

  • Cost per Install (CPI)
  • Cost per Registration (CPR)
  • Cost per Event (CPE)
  • Cost per Action (CPA)
  • Cost per Click (CPC)
  • Cost per 1000 Ad Displays (CPM)
  • Cost per Video View (CPV)
  • Fraud Detection

  • Datacenter & Server Hosting
  • Duplicate IP & Device ID
  • Emulator & Bot Traffic
  • Fraud Database
  • IP & User Agent Pattern
  • VPN & Proxy
  • Realistic Session Time

We are Integrated With:

Engage your mobile users with high quality ads

User Monetization

Turn your user base into instant revenue

If you have an app or mobile ads spaces, we can offer you the best tools to increase your conversion rates and duplicate your monthly revenues whether you have incentivized or non-incentivized traffic. We will help you monetize your audience through direct connections with several app developers and agencies. Due to these direct connections, we are able to offer you the best payouts in the market. Our different integration options allow for a quick setup and our technological team can assist you on all steps of the way.

What are my integration options?

  • Real Time API

    With secure programmatic access to all offers and live analysis, you will be able to have automatic setup on your side as well as live updates on anything that happens. The API Offer feed is best suited for developers who have their own unique ad unit needs and want full control over how their offers are displayed.

  • Ad Tags

    Hang My Ads Ad Tags allow you to monetize your ads spaces without having to worry which campaigns are now working better or which ones aren't relevant your users. By passing the management of your ad spaces to us, we can make sure that the right ad is shown to the right user at the right time, providing maximum revenue and optimization.

  • Mobile Offer Wall

    This is a multiple offer ad unit. It allows a simple one-call implementation without requiring the development of a custom offer display. The user Geo and Device will be detected and only offers that are right for that user will be shown. There is the possibility of using our unique layout or getting all the information in json and setting it up in your own consistent design.

  • S2S Postback

    By using our own tracking platform and placing our tracking links on your ad spaces you will be able to track any actions by your users with the possibility of receiving a server call for every install and other post install events that you want to be notified about. This is primarily used by developers and affiliates who cannot support other integration.


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Who are we anyway?

Our Team

Fast & Curious

We could say to be young and dynamic and that we are a very professional team but we prefer to achieve the result and let the numbers speak for us.

Rodrigo Jogo

Chief Technology Officer

Sara Lameira

Managing Director

Inês Jogo

Chief Financial Officer

Catarina Graça

User Acquisition Team

Rita Magalhães

Monetization Team

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